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About Hegewisch

Hegewisch (HEG- wish) — "heg" as in "peg" followed by "wish" as in "dish" -- not "Hedge-a-witch".

What is

It is your on-line kiosk for what is happening in Hegewisch as well as the place to go to find out Who's Who and What's What! www.Hegewisch.Net provides links to the many groups, organizations, businesses and just about everything else that serves our community.

So where is Hegewisch?

Hegewisch is a neighborhood on the South East side of Chicago. Actually, you can't go any further South or East without leaving the City! Most likely if you get a letter with a 60633 ZIP, it is from Hegewisch. If you get a telephone call with the exchange prefix of 646, it is probably Hegewisch. And if you find yourself in the best neighborhood in Chicago, then you know you're in Hegewisch.

Other Hegewisch or local area sites