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Streets of Hegewisch

Over the years, the names of streets in Hegewisch have changed. Where possible, the dates for the street name are posted. Most of the street names were finalized by 1913. In some case, such as Escanaba, the street did not exist in Hegewisch until sometime later. Below is a list of current streets in Hegewisch followed by past names. (Also included are a few streets that no longer exist.)

NIH means the street never existed in Hegewisch with this name but the street did have this name elsewhere in the city.

Hegewisch 1892

Street names

Avenue B, C, D & F were 1st, 2nd, 3rd a & 4th Ave. respectively. In 1902 they were located in the near the state line, east of the where the Trailer Park is today. The streets ran north and south from approximately 132nd St. to 134th St. along the edge of Wolf Lake. The area was isolated from Hegewisch proper.

Avenue K (1904)
Goethe Ave (1892)

Avenue L (1904)
Moltke Ave. (1892)

Avenue M (1904)
Bismark Ave. (1892)

Avenue M (1904)
Argyle Ave (1892)

1904 map

1904 map of Hegewisch (proper)

Avenue O (1910)
Rand Ave. (1904)
The Strand (1892)
Avenue M (NIH, East Side)
1st Ave. (NIH, East Side)
O Avenue, (NIH, East Side)
Cheltenham Ave. (NIH, East Side)

Baltimore Avenue 1913 (after the City in Maryland): 
Chambers Ave. (NIH, East Side)
Chicago Ave.(1892, 1902),
Erie Ave. (1904)
South Chicago Ave. (NIH)

Brainard Avenue (after Dr, Daniel Brainard):
Howard Ave. (1892, 1904)

Brandon Avenue (after Stephen Douglas’ Birth place in VT.):
Centre St. (NIH)
Hegewisch Ave (1892, 1902),
Ontario Ave, (1904)
Russell Ave. (north of 134th, 1892)

Buffalo Ave. (1904) - after the animal
Aberdeen Ave. (north of 134th in 1892)
Phillips Ave. (1892)
Farrgagot Ave.(NIH, East Side)

Burley Ave. (1913) - After August Harris Burley, organizer of Chicago’s  first fire company
Russell Ave.(1892, 1902 No.. of 132nd),
Superior Ave. (1892, 1902 So. of 132nd St), (1904, the enitre avenue)
Beekman Ave. (NIH, East Side)

Carondolet (1904) - after Baron Carondolet, Governor and Commander of Spanish forces in Louisana in 1791
Barclay St. (NIH, East Side)
Houston Ave. (1902)


Chittenden Ave., 1904

Chittenden Ave. (1892-1904) This avenue no longer exists. It ran from 120th and Muskegon to 130th and Houston, cutting accross prarrie and marshland. The road separated a small settlement on Torrence Ave. from Hegewisch proper (see map)

Commerical Ave. (1913)
South Chicago Ave. (NIH)
Notre Dame Ave.  (NIH)
Railroad Ave. (NIH)

Escanaba Ave. (Native American word for “flat rock”) The Street didnot exist in Hegewisch until
Day St. (NIH, East Side)
Edward Ave. (NIH, East Side)
Pay St. (NIH, East Side)

Exchange Ave. (1914) - named for the business section located at 92nd st.
Commerical Ave. (NIH, East Side)
Railroad Ave. (NIH, East Side)
South Shore Ave.(NIH, East Side)

Green Bay Ave. (1904) - named after the Indian trail that was Chicago first road north to Wisconsin
Avenue N  (NIH, East Side)
Helena Ave. (NIH, East Side)
High Ave. (1892, East Side)
High St. (NIH, East Side)

Houston Ave (1904) - after General Sam Houston
Graham St.   (NIH, East Side)
Parnell Ave. (1902), 
Reade Ave.  (NIH, East Side)
Reade St.  (NIH, East Side)
Cedar St. (NIH, East Side)
Stephens St.(NIH, East Side)

Mackinaw Ave.(1904) -after Ojibwa Chief. The word means turtle   
Douglas Ave. (1892)
Douglas St. (NIH, East Side)
Avenue Q.(NIH, East Side)

Manistee Ave. (1910) (Native American word for “island in river)
Colfax Ct. (1892)
Colfax St. (1902)
Day Ave.
Sherman Ave. (1904)
Wendall Ave.

Marquette Ave(1910) - after Fr. Pere Marquette
Carlin Ave.
Kingston Ave. (1892, 1902)
Sheridan Ave.

Muskegon Ave. (1910) - Native American [Ojibwa]  word for Swamp
Reynolds Ave. 
Sheridan Ave.(1902)

Saginaw Ave. (1910) - from the Algonquin “mouth of river”
Essex St.(1902) 
Ford Ave.
Kleinman Ave.
Summer Ave.
Carlin Ave.
Richmond Ave.

Torrence Ave. (1904) -Joseph T. Torrence, civil war general and blast furnace builder and developer.
Elda Ave. (NIH)
Michigan Ave. (1892, 1902)
Paxton Ave. (NIH)
Phillips. Ave. (NIH)

Waterside Ave. (1898) The avenue no longer exists. It was located along the shore of Wolf Lake from 132nd St. to 134th St.

Numbered Streets have also changed names but not in the Hegewisch Area.  

134th Street is locally called “Boy Scout Road” but is not nor ever has been an official name

13306 Baltimore Ave

Possibly the wealthiest man in Hegewisch leads a parade past 13306 Ontario Ave.