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When Hyde Park was annexed in 1889, the city of Chicago doubled in size over night. The entire lake front from 73rd St. to 138th St. (the city limits) became part of the newly formed 33rd Ward. Until 1923, each Ward had two Aldermen serving on the City Council. The alderman served two year terms. Currently some party affiliations remain unverified

  • 1889-1890: Charles E. Jockisch [unk], 33rd Ward
  • 1889-1892: Patrick J. Gorman [unk], 33rd Ward
  • 1890- 1893: Ernst Hummel [unk] 33rd Ward
  • 1892-1898 Cyrus H. Howell [R], 33rd Ward
  • 1893-1897:  George W. Shepherd [R], 33rd Ward
  • 1897-1899: Martin Wiora [unk], 33rd Ward
  • 1898-1900: Hugh T. Darcy [unk], 33rd Ward
  • 1899-1901: Edward Watkins [unk], 33rd Ward
  • 1900 -1901: John H. Jones  [unk],  33rd Ward

In 1901, Hegewisch becomes part of the 8th Ward through redistricting.


Ald. Tyden

  • 1901-1906: John H. Jones [unk] 8th Ward
  • 1901-1909: P. H. Moynihan [unk] 8th Ward
  • 1906-1908: John S. Derpa [unk] 8th Ward
  • 1908-1910: John H. Jones [unk] 8th Ward
  • 1909-1915: John R. Emerson  [D], 8th Ward
  • 1910-1912: John S. Derpa [unk] 8th Ward
  • 1912-1917: Ernest M. Cross  [R], 8th Ward
  • 1915-1917:  John E. Tyden [R], 8th Ward
  • 1917-1923: Ross A. Woodhull, [unk], 8th  Ward
  • 1918-1923: Martin S. Furmanl, [unk], 8th  Ward

In, 1923 Hegewisch becomes part of the 10th Ward through redistricting. As part of the re-districting, wards only have one alderman. Aldermen continueto serve two year terms until 1935 when they begin serving four year terms.


Ald. Rowan

  • 1923-1927: Ernest M. Cross, [unk], 10th Ward
  • 1927-1942:  William A. Rowan  [D], 10th Ward
  • 1943-1944: William J. Pieczynski [unk] 10th Ward
  • 1945-1963: Emil Pacini [D], 10th Ward*

In 1961, ward boundaries are redrawn and Hegewisch becomes part of the 9th Ward

  • 1959-1971 Dominic J. Lupo [D} 9th Ward (Alderman for Hegewisch unitl 1971)
  • 1963-1971: John Buchanan [D], 10th Ward (Alderman for East Side and places north of Hegewisch)

In 1970, Hegewisch is returned to the 10th Ward when Chicago re-draws ward boundaries again.

  • 1971-1987: Edward Vrdolyak [D], 10th Ward
  • 1987-1991: Victor Vrdolyak    [D], 10th Ward
  • 1991-1999: John Buchanan [D], 10th Ward
  • 1999-2015: John Pope [D], 10th Ward
  • Present: Susan Sadlowski Garza [D], 10th Ward

* According to the Southeast Historical Society, Pacini served from 1947-1963, however Chicago's Report to the People 1933-1946, published March, 1947, lists Emil Pacini as 10th Ward Alderman from 1943-1947. The authorative list used to compile and confirm this page was the Municipal Reference Library List of Chicago Aldermen compiled by Sandra Rollheiser. According to the MRL, Pacini served from 1945-63.