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Hegewisch - Chicago, Illinois


Hegewisch is one of the 77 community areas of Chicago, Illinois, located on the city's far south side. The community area is named for Adolph Hegewisch, the president of U.S. Rolling Stock Company who hoped to establish "an ideal workingman's community" when he laid out the town along a rail line in 1883, six years before Chicago annexed the town.

Explore Hegewisch

  • Schools

    A list of elementary schools in Hegewisch.

  • Churches

    Churches serving Hegewisch.

  • Recreation

    Places for recreation in Hegewisch.

  • Short History

    Hegewisch was founded in 1883.

  • Streets

    Most of the street names were finalized by 1913.

  • Wolf Lake

    The natural wonder - Wolf Lake.

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