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BlindKat's Publishers

BlindKat's is a web development team that helps the little guy get on the internet --at least if the little guy is in Hegewisch! Typically we work with non-profit organizations and local community businesses and get them on the 'net. We do it at a cut-rate fee (unless you don't think FREE is cut-rate! ). Why do we do it? Call it community service.

Of course, BlindKat's has a storied beginning. Besides developing a community web site for Hegewisch, a neighborhood in Chicago, Il., BlindKat's has also developed pages just for fun and also for businesses and organizations.

While Blindkat's has the ability to host web sites, we prefer a hit and run approach. We like to get you started and then let you run with the ball. Depending on your circumstances, there may be a nominal fee for getting you started, but for the most part, we get you online without charge.

When you want something more elaborate than a simple "billboard" that is when we need to talk about fees!

Of course, even if your Hegewisch business, organization, church, or school doesn't have a web site or utilizes another web-provider, we would still love to post your upcoming event here at

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